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ZEE TV Canada South Asian Facts:

1) Reach South Asian customers, the largest visible minority in Canada!

  • Over 5.3% of the total population.
  • 25.4% of the visible minority population.

2) The South Asian audience in Canada means an expanding customer base!

  • The population is expected to reach over 2.2 million by 2027, a 16% increase from 2017 figures.
  • This outpaces the projected overall Canadian population growth rate by about 75%.

3) The average Canadian South Asian household is 79% larger than the average Canadian household.*

4) 18% of Canadian South Asians age 15+ have a University degree or higher.* They are 45% more likely to have taken courses or enrolled at a university in the last 3 years.**

5) Canadian South Asians have a median age of 33, 19% lower than the national median age of 39.

6) 74% of Canadian South Asian households own 1 or more cars. They are 42% more likely to definitely be considering a hybrid vehicle for their next purchase.**

7) Canadian South Asians are 41% more likely to have spent $4,000+ on their last vacation.**

8) 25% of Canadian South Asians have been to a movie theater/drive-in during the last year. They are 19% more likely to have attended a film festival and 11% more likely to have gone to a health club in the last month!**

9) 81% of Canadian South Asians know and understand English.* There's no need for a separate creative on ZEE TV Canada!

10) 42% of South Asians in Canada have watched a movie during a typical week on television. 32% have watched a primetime serial drama on television in the last week.

Source:*Environics; DemoStats 2017.;Figures based on aggregate Canadian geographies with 85%+ South Asian penetration;**Environics Opticks 2017.

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